Interpreting methods

We offer three different interpreting methods

Whispered interpreting

A whispering interpreter is often used if there is just one person who is listening to the translation. The whispering interpreter whispers the translation in the recipient’s ear. This makes whispered interpreting a less formal method of interpretation, and therefore it is mainly suitable for small groups such as business negotiations, small meetings, and company visits.

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Consecutive interpreting

In consecutive interpreting, the speaker repeatedly speaks and then pauses to give the interpreter the opportunity to interpret. The interpreter translates what has just been said and, as soon as the interpreter has finished, the speaker continues his or her speech or discussion. This process is repeated continuously during the gathering.

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Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous means at the same time. A simultaneous interpreter interprets while the speaker is speaking, which produces virtually no delay in the proceedings. In simultaneous interpreting, a speech, presentation or another form of verbal communication is not disturbed.

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