Interpreting services

We offer seven different interpreting services

Conference interpreting

A convention or conference requires expert simultaneous interpreters. Interpreting at a convention or a conference is specialist work. It requires a great deal of knowledge, experience and preparation, as well as a high level of concentration.

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Video remote interpreting

Do you need an interpreter, but meeting on location is not possible now (for example because of the coronavirus measures)? Or are you in a big hurry and want to save travel time? One or more interpreters can easily connect to your online meeting.

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Over-the-phone interpreting

You may find yourself with an immediate need for an interpreter. Or you may prefer to schedule a telephone interpreting service because the interpreter may not or cannot be physically present at the appointment (for example in relation to Covid-19 measures). In that case, you can make use of a over-the-phone interpreting service.

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Dutch Sign Language interpreter

It has surely eluded no one: the sign language interpreter during the press conferences held by Dutch Premier Mark Rutte, the ministers, and the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and Environmental Protection (RIVM). The sign language interpreter (officially known as a Dutch Sign Language interpreter) takes a prominent place behind the speaker so that the deaf and hard of hearing can also follow what is being said during the press conferencee.

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Court interpreter or legal interpreter

The Dutch language is the only one which is permitted to be used in court rulings in the Netherlands. If a suspect does not have a sufficient command of the Dutch language, or no command at all, a court interpreter (also called a legal interpreter) must be present. The court interpreter therefore ensures that communication is possible between the court of law and the non-Dutch speaking party.

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Civil-law notary interpreter

The word is self-explanatory: a civil-law notary interpreter interprets for the civil-law notary. But when is an interpreter needed at an appointment to execute a deed?

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Sworn interpreter

A sworn interpreter may interpret for courts, civil-law notaries, the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND), and the police, among other audiences. Non-certified interpreters may not.

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