Video remote interpreting

What is it?

Do you need an interpreter, but meeting on location is not possible now (for example because of the coronavirus measures)? Or are you in a big hurry and want to save travel time? One or more interpreters can easily connect to your online meeting. Via 24sessions, you can send the interpreter — just as the other participants — the link to the meeting. The participants will be informed that an interpreter will also be ‘present’ in the meeting.

The interpreter will perform consecutive interpreting. This means that the speaker repeatedly speaks and then pauses to give the interpreter the opportunity to interpret. The interpreter translates what has just been said and, as soon as the interpreter has finished, the speaker continues his or her speech or discussion. This allows you to have a conversation with another person while eliminating the language barrier. Just as the participants, the interpreter is part of the meeting.

Simultaneous interpreting service using video

If there are multiple languages, a larger group of participants and/or a presentation is to be given, this changes the setting. In this case, you can better select a simultaneous interpreter who interprets while the speaker is talking. This produces virtually no delay in the meeting or presentation. A large group of listeners can listen to the translation simultaneously while the presentation just continues as planned. This approach, however, does require a somewhat different setting for the video platform.

The best option is to work with a platform which supports simultaneous interpreting. Such a platform allows you to offer multiple languages in one meeting. All participants are then connected to the same meeting, but they can select their own language. The interpreters receive their input via the main channel and they speak their translation into the other channel.

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