Conference interpreting

What is a ‘conference interpreter’?

A convention or conference requires expert simultaneous interpreters. Interpreting at a convention or a conference is specialist work. It requires a great deal of knowledge, experience and preparation, as well as a high level of concentration. Conference interpreters are therefore used for important events. Convention or conference interpreters have usually completed an academic interpreting degree programme and have a great deal of experience in an international setting. They interpret almost always simultaneously and from an interpreting booth.

A conference interpreter works mainly at large, multilingual events such as international conferences, company conventions, and political negotiations with representatives from around the world. Because these events often last somewhat longer, interpreting is done in teams of usually two interpreters per language.


A convention or conference interpreter is a simultaneous interpreter. Because of the intensive nature and the speed of the interpreting, it is important that the interpreter has been able to become thoroughly familiar with the subject matter. That’s why we ask you to explain specialist vocabulary in advance and to provide us with documents, such as a script or a presentation. We would also like to receive a plan or scenario (including an overview of the speakers) and/or an agenda for the event.

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