Interpreting booth

What is an interpreting booth?

Interpreting booths are soundproof systems which are approximately two by two metres in size. The interpreter takes a seat in this booth, often together with another interpreter. Interpreting booths are available in both permanent and mobile versions. How does it work?

  1. The interpreter sits down inside the booth.
  2. Via an audio connection, the interpreter hears what is being discussed in the room.
  3. The interpreter speaks the translation into a microphone, which is connected to the headsets of the listeners.

An interpreting booth is often used for large, multilingual events. This is because you can use multiple interpreting booths to easily expand the number of languages into which simultaneous interpreting can be performed. The interpreter — often a simultaneous interpreter or conference interpreter — can completely focus within this calm space because they are closed off from ambient sound. Additionally, it is more calming for the listeners because they don’t experience any noise from interpreters who are speaking in the same room as the speaker(s). Another incidental benefit of using interpreting booths is that their use means there is no maximum for the number of listeners.

In short: An interpreting booth promotes the quality of the interpreting service as well as that of the event. The only downside to an interpreting booth is that it may take up space if you’re using a mobile interpreting booth which must be constructed. So check in advance whether you have sufficient space to allow for this.

We are happy to advise you how and where the booths should be located in the space you have available. Of course, we’re happy to think along with you to help find a suitable solution!
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