Whispered interpreting

What is a ‘whisper interpreter’?

A whispering interpreter is often used if there is just one person who is listening to the translation. The whispering interpreter whispers the translation in the recipient’s ear. This makes whispered interpreting a less formal method of interpretation, and therefore it is mainly suitable for small groups such as business negotiations, small meetings, and company visits.

In whispered interpreting, the participant and the interpreter sit close together, as a result of which whispered interpreting is considered to be a very personal method of interpreting. It is therefore important that you feel comfortable with the interpreter. If more than one person is listening or if distance must be maintained between the interpreter and the listener(s), such as due to Covid-19 measures, the interpreter can work with a whisper set.


The adage of ‘well begun is half done’ certainly applies to whispered interpreting. Because of the intensive nature and the speed of the interpreting, it is important that the interpreter has been able to become thoroughly familiar with the subject matter. That’s why we ask you to explain specialist vocabulary in advance or to provide us with a script or a presentation.

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