Whisper set

When do you need to work with a whisper set?

A whispering interpreter can make use of a whisper set, which consists of a headset and a microphone. The interpreter uses these to speak (transmit) and listen (receive). The persons listening to the interpreter wear a headset. A whisper set is usually used when interpreting for two to ten listeners, but the set can sometimes also be used with somewhat smaller groups.

The benefits of working with a whisper set are that it is fast and easy, multiple persons can listen, and the set can be deployed in a mobile manner. There may also be disadvantages. Others present (who are not listening to the interpreter) may find the whispering of the interpreter to be disturbing. This can be the case with larger events. There is also noise and ambient sound, which can be disturbing to the interpreter. To limit this, an interpreting booth is often used for larger events.

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