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Need an interpreter? Let’s go!

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We are an intermediary for interpreting services.

Our professional, pragmatic and engaged approach enables us to better sense your personal context so that — with our knowledge and our energetic methods — we can immediately find the right interpreter for you. We offer added value by providing a better service and a smart, compact process for interpreter supply and demand.

Through understanding you better, as well as our continuing commitment to this approach, we enjoy contributing towards a better understanding in situations where language forms a barrier for you. And with a better mutual understanding, we as intermediary aim to be meaningful for the interpreter, for society, and for you.

We are an
intermediary for
interpreting services.

Based on our professional, pragmatic, and personal approach, we’re fully able to cater to your needs and find the right interpreter for you. Our knowledge and quick working methods mean we offer added value by providing a better service and a smart, compact process for interpreter supply and demand.

We believe our approach enables us to understand you better and be more effective in situations where language forms a barrier for you. Understanding each other better means we can be a valuable intermediary for interpreters, society, and you.

What kind of interpreter do you need?

HearHear is happy to provide all the intermediary activities for your interpreting needs.

Looking for an interpreter for meetings, events, or business?

Remote interpreter (via telephone/video)
If you need an interpreter for a meeting that can’t take place on-location with all parties, use our video remote interpreting or over-the-phone interpreting service.

Simultaneous and whisper interpreter
Do you need an interpreter at a presentation, meeting, or legal proceeding? We’d be happy to help!

Consecutive interpreter
Looking for someone to interpret in a conversation or discussion, or at a small gathering? You’ve come to the right place.

Dutch Sign Language interpreter
Need a Dutch Sign Language interpreter for your event? HearHear is happy to provide you with a personalized solution.

Do you need a specialized interpreter for a governmental or other official event?

Conference interpreter
A conference requires the services of an expert simultaneous interpreter. With our extensive network, we are happy to be of service to you.

Legal or court interpreter
If your client doesn’t have sufficient command of Dutch or doesn’t speak it at all, we would be glad to help you find an interpreter or a sworn interpreter.

Medical interpreter
Need to hire an interpreter for a personal injury case or healthcare?
Get in touch with us!

Sworn interpreter for government agencies or semi-public institutions
Looking for a sworn interpreter? You’ve come to the right place.

Need an interpreter for a meeting with a civil-law notary?

Civil-law notary interpreter
Do you need an interpreter for notarial services? HearHear is happy to provide the right interpreter for your civil-legal needs, such as an appointment to execute a deed.

Are you looking for ways to better facilitate your interpreting service?

We can provide the required equipment and supplementary services to organize the interpreting service even better for you and the interpreter.

Need equipment for an interpreting service performed for a larger, diverse audience or at an event held in a larger space?

Whisper set

Are there two or more listeners? In that case, a simultaneous interpreter can work with a whisper set.

Interpreting booth
If you’re organizing an event but not everyone speaks the same language, an interpreting booth could be the solution.

Personalized advice
Would you rather discuss your specific situation with us? We’re happy to contribute ideas and find a suitable solution.

Tech resources to support high-quality, smart, and compact interpreting services.

Order app (for governmental bodies)
If you’re a government worker and looking for an interpreter, please use our order app.

Video interpreting platform
Need interpreting services via video calling (for a virtual meeting)? We’re here to help! Our platform offers an efficient, user-friendly solution.

Conference and event app
If you’re an event organizer, use our smart solution to enable your audience to listen in multiple languages.

Translations and texts in support of the interpreting service.

Online translations
Do you have short documents that need to be translated for the event? Then request an online translation.

Project-based translations
Looking for a specialized translator who can translate all your project documentation? Feel free to contact us!

Specialised translations
Whether you need a translation of a technical, legal, or financial document, you can come to us for help.

Writing of (technical) documentation
Are you looking for a writer who is a genuine specialist? We’re happy to help you!

Set to work?

Find the right interpreter now!

Click here to request an interpreter for a CBR exam.

Education and quality

Once an interpreter registers with us, we offer them an introductory programme to tell them about our code of conduct and standards of integrity and quality endorsed by HearHear. This introductory programme means we can ensure that the interpreter is able to provide the interpreting service in a pleasant, professional, and high-quality manner.

But HearHear provides more than just an introduction. Alongside our own e-learning environment to instruct and train interpreters for a specific assignment, we offer training programmes for interpreters in collaboration with the educational institute of the Association of SIGV Court Interpreters and Legal Translators (SIGV). Our Interpreter Coaches also conduct peer-review sessions with the interpreters we deploy.

Our ISO 18841 Interpreting Services certificate is proof that we offer this accepted standard of interpreting services — but we aim to surpass this level. The quality management department of our parent company WCS Group (with its own ISO 9001 certificate) also plays an important role in ensuring the best possible user systems, processes, and quality-focused management.


HearHear would like to be a valuable partner for you, which goes beyond simply providing the right interpreter for the job. We are committed to providing a personal, expert approach to interpreting and can take care of the entire interpreting assignment from beginning to end – whatever suits your needs.

We also want to be a valuable partner for our interpreters. That’s why we provide proper support for each assignment, training in collaboration with the Association of SIGV Court Interpreters and Legal Translators, and own e-learning environment. We also use Interpreter Coaches to provide peer reviews. But, above all, we know all of ‘our’ interpreters personally and actively involve them in developing our services, technologies, and innovations.

Being a valuable partner for interpreters means offering value to society. After all, a high-quality interpreting service leads to better understanding between people, which in turn helps to improve our society. That’s also why HearHear operates with a longer-term view. We work with our partner Werkreturn (an organization specializing in social return and participation) to deploy people who are disadvantages on the job market, so as to achieve a social return on investment (SROI). Everything we do is based on our desire to improve our work each day.


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